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All the Proof you need about Vaccines

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With a whistle blower from the CDC and a congressman from Florida,  this report contains all the data needed to prove vaccines can cause Autism.  Here’s what they reveal: African American boys under 36 months were more susceptible to developing autism or autism like symptoms from MMR vaccine.

The Pain Body

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Throughout my entire life,  I have noticed a sabotaging pattern within human beings. Thanks to recent work done by Eckhart Tolle, author of the “Power of Now” and “The New Earth”, I am able to fully explain what Ive been experiencing.  I see monsters.  I see monsters exist inside of human beings.  I first started […]

Perfectly Scripted

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1991 was the most important year of my life. It was transformation, it was inspirational, and it was traumatic-in every imaginable way. It was the year of the VIDEO CAMERA! At the time, I was very angry.  Many people were angry over Rodney King but I was angry over Latasha Harlins.  Witnessing a women only […]