Video streaming is quite bandwidth intensive and it was always difficult to stream and broadcast live events over the cellular network with 3G live streaming or 4G (LTE) live streaming techniques without good compression and good signal strength.

When it comes large-scale projects with high production value like event broadcasting and remote-location publishing, a single Internet connection is about as trustworthy as a printer on your assignment’s due date: it’s going to crap itself when you least expect it. And when big clients and reputations are breathing down your neck, the last thing you want it a botched connection.

Q8 is designed to aggregate Ethernet, Wi-Fi and up to 3 SIM cards to create a single, robust pipeline for delivering video. The combination of several network connections allows broadcasters to reinforce their video by sending traffic over multiple routes, repackaging at the destination with rock-solid dependability.

This device also features dual input ( HDMI/SDI) for seamless video switching, you can monitor the videos from different source at preview screen. Meanwhile, H.265 + protocol will save your more bandwidth.